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  • The six rules of barbecuing

    28 April, 2016 The six rules of barbecuing

    Even the best cooks can be stumped when it comes to cooking to perfection over coals. We ask Ben Tish to tell us the six most important rules of barbecuing so we can grill with confidence over the long weekend.
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  • Eat like an Italian

    20 July, 2015 Eat like an Italian

    If you’ve ever been on holiday to Italy, like us, you’ve probably eaten classic pizzas, pastas and risottos until you’re fit to burst. While sticking with what you know isn’t always a bad thing, delve a little deeper and you’ll find the true heart of the region; eating cotoletta in Milan, beans in Florence and artichokes in Campania will open up a whole new world of Italian cooking. We spoke to three Air B’n’B hosts about the food of their region, must-eats while you’re there, and asked about the best-kept secrets when it comes to eating out.
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  • Michelin Stars in Your Eyes

    06 July, 2015 Michelin Stars in Your Eyes

    With so many Michelin-starred chefs on the site, we challenged Cooked writer Imogen Corke to test her mettle on some of the trickier recipes. This week, she cooks Atul Kochhar’s cod in nilgiri korma gravy from his latest cookbook, Benares.
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May, 2015

  • Q&A with Rosie Birkett

    22 May, 2015 Q&A with Rosie Birkett

    We ask our authors ten questions about their life long love of food. This week, we speak to Rosie Birkett, author of A Lot on her Plate, about roast dinners, tuna tacos, and why you should never run your finger through hot caramel.
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  • The Lunchbox Edit: Spring Greens

    01 May, 2015 The Lunchbox Edit: Spring Greens

    Each week, we take some of our favourite recipes and give them a little tweak to make perfect packed lunches.
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How to be better at barbecuing? Go Brasilian

Eve O'Sullivan
28 August, 2015

We spoke to Lizzy Barber, co-founder of the Cabana restaurant chain and author of their eponymous cookbook, about how cook smart when it comes to cooking for a crowd al fresco.

Picking the perfect cut

Picanha (or cap of rump), is a lesser-well-known cut of steak that’s fantastic on the barbecue. It has a layer of fat which melts into the meat during cooking and makes it very tender so it slices well – easy to see why it’s Brasil’s favourite cut of steak!

Cabanha burger

When it comes to drinks, go big batch

To save you running around making drinks as individual guests arrive, pre-make batches of your favourite cocktails so it’s simply a case of pouring them out. Try our Coco Cabana for a lovely Summery cocktail that will transport you to Tropics.

Coco Cabana

Dessert should be the first thing on your mind

If you make your dessert ahead it will save you using the oven or having to do extra washing up on the day. Our coconut lime sorbet is an excellent refresher on a hot day and can be made a few days in advance, or if chocolate’s your thing try the indulgent crazy lady cake – it’s delicious plus it’s gluten free, so the perfect option for guests with intolerances.

crazy lady cake

White heat

If you’re using charcoal, make sure you leave enough time for it to get hot – it can take up to 30 minutes to heat through, and should be white when you start cooking.

Avoid the washing up

Save yourself the hassle – use eco-friendly disposable plates and cutlery. An array of coloured plates, cups and napkins will brighten up any barbecue, even if the weather’s a bit more “English” than you hoped, or there are some great environmentally friendly ranges available now. Strategically place some bin bags around and encourage your guests to get rid of their waste – before you know it, they’ll have done half your washing up!

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