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  • The six rules of barbecuing

    28 April, 2016 The six rules of barbecuing

    Even the best cooks can be stumped when it comes to cooking to perfection over coals. We ask Ben Tish to tell us the six most important rules of barbecuing so we can grill with confidence over the long weekend.
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  • Eat like an Italian

    20 July, 2015 Eat like an Italian

    If you’ve ever been on holiday to Italy, like us, you’ve probably eaten classic pizzas, pastas and risottos until you’re fit to burst. While sticking with what you know isn’t always a bad thing, delve a little deeper and you’ll find the true heart of the region; eating cotoletta in Milan, beans in Florence and artichokes in Campania will open up a whole new world of Italian cooking. We spoke to three Air B’n’B hosts about the food of their region, must-eats while you’re there, and asked about the best-kept secrets when it comes to eating out.
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  • Michelin Stars in Your Eyes

    06 July, 2015 Michelin Stars in Your Eyes

    With so many Michelin-starred chefs on the site, we challenged Cooked writer Imogen Corke to test her mettle on some of the trickier recipes. This week, she cooks Atul Kochhar’s cod in nilgiri korma gravy from his latest cookbook, Benares.
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May, 2015

  • Q&A with Rosie Birkett

    22 May, 2015 Q&A with Rosie Birkett

    We ask our authors ten questions about their life long love of food. This week, we speak to Rosie Birkett, author of A Lot on her Plate, about roast dinners, tuna tacos, and why you should never run your finger through hot caramel.
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  • The Lunchbox Edit: Spring Greens

    01 May, 2015 The Lunchbox Edit: Spring Greens

    Each week, we take some of our favourite recipes and give them a little tweak to make perfect packed lunches.
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The essential guide to Cooked

Debora Robertson
07 February, 2017

Subscribers to Cooked have a wealth of recipes at their fingertips and with this handy guide, food writer Debora Robertson shows you how make the most of your subscription and how to build your personal library of all the recipes you want to cook.

What’s all this about?

If you’re anything like me – and, as you have landed on this site, I think there’s a reasonable chance you are – you love to cook, to find new recipes, to experiment and learn new skills. Sometimes you love to spend a whole day cooking. And sometimes, you crawl in from work on a rainy Tuesday night and you just want to get something edible on the table in 20 minutes without losing your mind.

It’s possible you – like me - have a mountain of cookbooks, piles of notebook pages and scraps of paper with recipe ideas scribbled on them, and files bursting with recipes you’ve clipped from magazines and newspapers which you’ll get to ‘one day’. But then come that day, the one when you’re longing to give that curried fish pie a go, you’ve no idea where it is.

And then there are those other days, the ones when you’re famished and yet you can’t think what you want to eat. Those days when you stand at the open fridge or cupboard, staring at an abundance of ingredients but still inspiration won’t come.

That’s when Cooked. can step in to save your sanity, or at least your dinner.

Whose recipes can I expect to see?

With so many innovative chefs and cooks to choose from, this is a great place to revisit your favourites as well as discover new ones. Be inspired by top flight chefs such as Jason Atherton, Tom Kitchin and Nathan Outlaw, revisit old favourites such as Antonio Carluccio and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, and enjoy some new voices such as José Pizarro, Yasmin Khan, Julie Montagu, Ben Tish and Gill Meller. As an added extra, we have great interviews with many of them, too.

How does it work?

You’re just a click away from more than 33,000 recipes by some of the world’s most inspiring chefs and cooks. So whether your fancy is for cosy bowl food, batch cooking inspiration, show-off crowd pleasers, slow-cooked weekend specials or super-fast weeknight suppers, it’s all here. 

Is that it?

Tough crowd. It’s more than just recipes. There are special features such as interviews with great chefs, tips on how to help you learn new skills and get perfect results - because who doesn’t love that? You’ll also find inspiration for what to cook each month using what’s in season, and there’s the ability to look up unfamiliar cooking terms in the glossary for those times when you don’t know your mouli from your mirepoix. And members can buy many of the latest titles at a considerable discount too, including signed editions, so that leaves more money to spend on your favourite ingredients.

Is it going to cut into my restaurant budget though?

It’s great value. At £2.99 a month, it costs a lot less than picking up a food magazine or even indulging in the occasional posh coffee. A year’s subscription costs £36. If you’re still not convinced, you can try it for free for 30 days and see how you get on. 

What’s so special about it?

Here’s the brilliant part: you can customise it so all of your favourite recipes are in one place, like you’re creating your own, very personal, highly delicious cookbook. It’s like enjoying the à la carte rather than struggling along with the set menu. You can store recipes by theme in collections, like chapters, so you never need to bother faffing about going through old notebooks and folders again. You can get inspiration by following other people’s collections too, and read their comments about recipes they’ve tried. 

I’ve already got loads of recipes I don’t use – how’s this better?

You can keep your favourite recipes – as well as the ones you’d really like to try - in the same place, just waiting for you. And there are no annoying banner ads or irritating pop ups to get between you and dinner. The site’s optimised to use very easily on your phone, iPad or tablet, so you can look up and store recipes wherever you are. If you’re a last-minute person like me, it’s great for those times when you are stuck for what to make TONIGHT – just type in a theme or an ingredient, pick up the ingredients on your way home, and off you go. 

Whether want to master classic recipes or to teach yourself a whole new cuisine, this is your one-stop shop for culinary inspiration. You never need subject yourself to a boring dinner ever again, because you don’t need to cook the same meal twice. 

Anything else?

The site is constantly updated with recipes from all of the latest authors, so if you’re that kind of person, you can keep your cooking right up to date and bang on trend.

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