2016 Easter egg taste test

Jack Birch
21 March, 2016

At some point in our cultural history we said, ‘bunnies that lay chocolate eggs to symbolise warmer weather? Sure!’ Hence, in 2016 we have a hugely competitive Easter egg market with chocolatiers battling supermarkets fighting artisanal cafés. We have rated the best of the best below, and will reveal which egg will be crowned this year’s champion. N.B. In order to give you the best reviews possible, we’ve managed to avoid egg puns throughout this review. Let’s crack on.


The Chocolate Society Artisan Dark Chocolate Monochrome Easter Egg, £29.99, Selfridges

If you like your Easter eggs to resemble a prop from 2001: A Space Odyssey, then The Chocolate Society’s gorgeous-looking monochrome series is for you. The dark matt finish (confusingly, white chocolate coloured with black cocoa butter) makes this stand out. The bitter dark chocolate complements the outer coating, giving a sweet and interesting flavour. The six accompanying truffles were excellent.

Buy it for… the Kraftwerk fan. This iPod-like, minimalist design will appeal to those who have one foot in the space age. 

Michel Cluizel Lapin Origami, £15.95, Harvey Nichols

There is a giddy joy while looking at this exquisitely crafted Art Deco chocolate bunny. For one thing, it’s an Art Deco chocolate bunny. The patterned egg is stunning and the different shades of chocolate to create the rabbit is wonderful. The chocolate taste, however, is a bit of a let-down. It’s waxy and has little flavour. Call me sentimental, but there is a moment of sadness when you realise you have to rip the head off thumper.

Buy it for… the Great Gatsby reader. Much like Gatsby himself, this chocolate bunny is gloriously Art Deco on the outside; disguising the fact it may not actually be that good…  

Pierre Marcolini 250g Oeuf Noir, £36, Harrods

A showstopper from chocolatier Pierre Marcolini which falls slightly short. The chocolate has a very distinctive taste, with undertones of hazelnut and liqueur. The different eggs, and burnt caramel sea shells, hidden within the main egg’s bowel are the real treat. Disappointingly, the solid chocolate base had stuck to the paper it was resting on. You’d expect better from an egg this pricey.

Buy it for… someone with expensive tastes. I mean the bottom line is… it’s nearly £40 for an Easter egg. Whenever you gift this egg make sure you accidentally-on-purpose leave the receipt in the bag. 

The Modern Pantry Easter Eggs, £10, The Modern Pantry

The exotic nest from The Modern Pantry contains eight eggs with four different flavours. The miso caramel, pistachio, and Assam tea and caramel are absolutely delicious; the flamboyantly green pistachio a particular highlight. The tamarind & poppy seed however should be hidden away or given to the family members whom you wish to enact revenge.

Buy it for… someone with adventurous tastes. The range of flavours from the Modern Pantry is truly astonishing. You won’t taste anything else like it this Easter.

Marks and Spencer Fruit and Nut Lattice Egg, £12, Marks and Spencer
Marks and Spencer’s are getting really good at this: seasonal treats with a creative vision, expertly executed. The delicious latticed chocolate is an excellent idea, making the egg shell feel light and nibbly. One side has pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, raisins and cherries worked in, giving the impression of an egg bursting with excitement.
Buy it for… the naturalist. The latticed chocolate makes the egg look like a bird's nest containing the delicious fruit and nuts. The latticing effect gives the chocolate a light feel, for those who are jonesing on too much chocolate.

Extra Special Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg with Honeycomb, £8, ASDA
In your hands, you’re sure of it, you hold a dragon’s egg. Well, at least that’s the impression Asda’s honeycomb and chocolate egg gives with its tessellated hexagonal pattern. The chocolate is very sweet, but tastes exceptional, especially with the added crunch of the honeycomb.
Buy it for… the Game of Thrones fan. Khaleesi, mother of Dragons: Asda style. Walk into fire and see if this tasty honeycomb egg hatches into a dragon. Or scoff it as quickly as possible. Whatever takes your fancy.

Spiketail the Dinosaur, £9.99, Marks and Spencer

A chocolate egg 65 million years in the making. Marks and Spencer’s Spiketail chocolate dinosaur is a really fun design and will inspire cheer on Easter morning. The chocolate is surprisingly good quality  and the dinosaur eggs (essentially lumpy Mini Eggs) are great as well.

Buy it for… the inner-child. You'll be singing the Jurassic Park theme song, explaining Chaos Theory in your best Jeff Goldblum voice and getting Spiketail to stop all over other inferior eggs. 

Cocoa dusted almond Easter egg, £24.95, Harrods
A stunning design. This matryoshka doll Easter egg has a cocoa-dusted outer shell, with portholes to view a golden central egg, which holds a nest of delicious roasted chocolate almonds. The chocolate is sweet but tasty, with a thread of almond in each section.
Buy it for… anyone who likes surprises. Each layer reveals something new, the chocolate is tasty but the design is stunning. 

Taste the Difference Belgian dark chocolate Easter egg with cocoa nibs, £6, Sainsbury's
For dark chocolate fans, Sainsbury’s Jackson Pollock-patterned Easter egg is a delight. The dark chocolate has a strong flavour, without being too bitter. The crumbly cocoa nibs improves the texture, leaving us wondering what other foods could be improved with more ‘nibs’.
Buy it for… the dark chocolate fan. The texture of this chocolate, courtesy of the 'nibs' (have I mentioned the nibs yet?), is incredible. A snip at £6. 


Heston Golden Easter Egg, £20, Waitrose 

Heston: he knows how to run with a theme. The sprayed gold makes the egg look majestic but does come off easily in your hands, leaving guilty fingerprints across the surface. The chocolate itself is dark, with a strong hint of orange flavours. The real joy comes from a nest of citrussy eggs inside, complete with vanilla flavoured rice paper. This egg ticks all the boxes; it looks magnificent, it tastes distinct and delicious and is full of Easter surprises.

Buy it for… the person that wants the whole egg for themselves. With its own in-build thief-proof device (the gold comes off on perpetrator's hands), this egg is perfect for the selfish. The delicious chocolate and fun inner nest will make you want to be selfish.

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