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  • The six rules of barbecuing

    28 April, 2016 The six rules of barbecuing

    Even the best cooks can be stumped when it comes to cooking to perfection over coals. We ask Ben Tish to tell us the six most important rules of barbecuing so we can grill with confidence over the long weekend.
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  • Eat like an Italian

    20 July, 2015 Eat like an Italian

    If you’ve ever been on holiday to Italy, like us, you’ve probably eaten classic pizzas, pastas and risottos until you’re fit to burst. While sticking with what you know isn’t always a bad thing, delve a little deeper and you’ll find the true heart of the region; eating cotoletta in Milan, beans in Florence and artichokes in Campania will open up a whole new world of Italian cooking. We spoke to three Air B’n’B hosts about the food of their region, must-eats while you’re there, and asked about the best-kept secrets when it comes to eating out.
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  • Michelin Stars in Your Eyes

    06 July, 2015 Michelin Stars in Your Eyes

    With so many Michelin-starred chefs on the site, we challenged Cooked writer Imogen Corke to test her mettle on some of the trickier recipes. This week, she cooks Atul Kochhar’s cod in nilgiri korma gravy from his latest cookbook, Benares.
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May, 2015

  • Q&A with Rosie Birkett

    22 May, 2015 Q&A with Rosie Birkett

    We ask our authors ten questions about their life long love of food. This week, we speak to Rosie Birkett, author of A Lot on her Plate, about roast dinners, tuna tacos, and why you should never run your finger through hot caramel.
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  • The Lunchbox Edit: Spring Greens

    01 May, 2015 The Lunchbox Edit: Spring Greens

    Each week, we take some of our favourite recipes and give them a little tweak to make perfect packed lunches.
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Store and Order: Kitchen Organisation with River Cottage

Naomi Devlin
06 January, 2016

River Cottage author Naomi Devlin gives us her top tips on fridge organisation, and how to avoid food waste.

Get a permanent marker and a range of zip lock freezer bags. 

Whatever you won’t eat in the next couple of days, bag, label (with date and contents) and freeze, for ready made suppers another day.

Freeze food flat in a bag and it will defrost much faster. 

It will also enable you to decide what you’re having on a whim, rather than defrosting for hours in advance. Cooked grains such as rice, quinoa or buckwheat, can be smoothed flat in a bag and stacked up in the freezer neatly, for maximum space efficiency. Cooked shredded meat is also great frozen this way.

Invest in some stackable storage containers for your kitchen. 

Measure the heights of your fridge shelves and make sure that the containers make the best use of the available space. Have some shallow for small bits and some deeper for larger amounts. Square sided are the best and you can choose from plastic, glass or stainless steel according to your budget.

Fridges dry food out and this causes leaves to wilt and carrots to bend. 

Pop a piece of damp kitchen paper in the bottom of a container, lay in your leaves, herbs, or veg and cover with another piece of damp paper and then the lid or cling film – this will prolong the life of your veg by at least a few days.  If the paper dries out, moisten it again.

Use a liquid chalk pen to write on containers of food (not freezer bags) so that you instantly know what is in them when you go to the fridge or cupboard. 

You can also temporarily write your name on a drinking glass to avoid confusion at parties, or delight small children – it washes straight off when you’re finished.

Shop the perimeter of the supermarket. 

It tends to be where all the produce is located, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs and bread. If you venture too far into the centre, you are likely to be seduced by shiny things in packets that aren’t very nutritious! Take this approach to your kitchen and try to keep the shiny packets to a minimum. If you know you shouldn’t eat it, don’t have it in your kitchen cupboard tempting you of an evening. Identify something treaty that you feel good about, such as dark chocolate or Greek yoghurt and have this handy for moments of need.

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