Our favourite shop bought shortcuts for Christmas Day

23 December, 2015

Running out of time to get everything organised for Friday? Us too. That’s where these supermarket shortcuts come in.

Cranberry sauce

English Provender Co wild cranberry sauce, Waitrose, £1.69

In an ideal world, this would have been made a couple of weeks ago, but we think there’s nothing wrong with picking up a jar of this instead. While the intense fruit flavour  is lovely as is, you can add a splash of orange juice or a few spices to ‘customise’ it, and your guests will be none the wiser.


Taste the difference pork, maple, chestnut stuffing slab with bacon, Sainsbury's, £7

It’s the maple in this meaty marvel that really won us over. Leftovers are unlikely, but if you can hold yourselves back, there has never been a better addition to a turkey sandwich.

Vanilla ice cream

Movenpick vanilla dream ice cream, £6.99, Ocado

No matter how many different kinds of puddings you’ve made, there will always be someone who just wants a little bit of ice cream. Trust us on this one. We ate a fair few bowlfuls and crowned Mövenpick’s the creamiest of them all, so slip it into your online shopping if there's still time. Our tip for a quick pudding is to heat a little cranberry sauce with some extra sugar and cointreau, then drizzle it over a scoop of this.

Christmas pudding

M&S sparkling caramelised orange, fig and hazelnut, £14

Often it takes a bit of coaxing to get everyone back to the table for Christmas pudding - not so with this stunning, sparkling delight. While making your own pudding is admirable, this is a surefire way to avoid disappointment, and leftovers.

Christmas cake

Sainsbury’s gold bow Christmas cake, £18.99

When you can buy something that’s as pretty as any table decoration, why try to compete? What we really love though, is the boozy kick and plump fruit. Winning all round.


Ready to roast honey-glazed gammon, M&S, £5.49

This succulent joint just needs an hour in the oven. All the glory, none of the preparation: just what you need on Boxing Day.


Higgidy pork and pancetta sausage rolls, Sainsbury’s, £2

Call us old fashioned, but you can never go too far wrong with a sausage roll at a drinks party, and these pork and pancetta numbers from Higgidy are just the right side of rustic to be able to pass off as your own.

Veggie main

Pieminister Christingle pie, Waitrose, 2 for £6

Never, in any circumstance, should the vegetarian option feel like an afterthought. This pie though, with roasted parsnips, cheddar and leeks, is so special that the meat eaters will be looking on in envy.  

Smoked salmon

Waitrose Christmas spiced Scottish smoked salmon, £3.99

In all honesty, most people don’t smoke their own salmon, but we see this as the best shortcut for a light dinner, a quick starter, and the base of a chic canape. Infused with port, orange zest, cinnamon and allspice, to name a few, this smoked salmon is anything but run of the mill.

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