Store cupboard ingredients

Store cupboard ingredients

Tiffany Goodall
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When you are living with family it’s easy to take the ingredients that fill up the cupboards completely for granted. However, when you arrive at your university halls of residence in your first year, or your flat or house in subsequent years, there is one thing that is blatantly obvious – the emptiness of the kitchen. The bare shelves and the vacant space in the store cupboards. It’s a killer. However, there are a few basic items that you can buy which will keep for ages and serve you well.

–Basmati rice: So good with a curry, or to make a lovely special fried rice with bits and bobs in your fridge.

–Canned tomatoes: An absolute necessity for any student kitchen, they are used in bolognese, soups, shepherd’s pie…

–Caster sugar: Used extensively in baking and desserts.

–Chicken/vegetable stock cubes: A true must have. Used in gravy, soup, risottos, the list is endless. Chicken will be the most useful, but a beef stock cube is also good for hearty red meat casseroles and stews.

–Coconut milk: Amazing to have so you can whip up a Thai green curry, or coconut soup with chicken or prawns.

–English mustard: Perfect for salad dressings, amazing with mashed potato and as an accompaniment with sausages, burgers, etc.

–Garlic: Garlic will keep in a cupboard for 2–3 weeks. It can be thrown into all sorts of dishes, from a pasta sauce to a delicious roast chicken. Crushed garlic is seriously potent and a little goes a long way, however, whole garlic cloves can be thrown into a one-pot chicken bake or roast potatoes and they gently exude their flavour.

–Ginger: This adds a fragrant Thai/Asian feel to dishes. It’s delicious in a chicken and coconut curry or a beef noodle stir-fry. It’s fairly pricey but a big knob goes a long way.

–Noodles: I love egg and rice noodles, which are great for stir-fries.

–Olive oil: Great for a lovely dressing or pesto, it is the most used item in my store cupboard.

–Onions: A must must-have. Buy both red and white varieties; they have a shelf life of 2–3 weeks and should be kept in a dry place so they don’t begin to rot.

–Pasta: A student favourite, pasta makes such a delicious, fast dinner.

–Plain flour: Ideal for everyday baking and for thickening sauces and gravy.

–Ready-made pizza bases: Home-made pizzas are epic, and such a laugh to make with your mates.

–Sunflower oil: Great for frying, especially breakfast essentials such as sausages, or bacon.

–White wine vinegar: A must-have for salad dressings.

Food hygiene

Cooking must be fun, as I always say, but you don’t want to poison yourself or your mates in the process. Therefore there are a few golden rules.

–Make sure you have clean hands all the time when you are cooking and wash them after handling raw fish, meat and especially chicken.

–When handling raw chicken, wash all the equipment that has touched the raw chicken very well. Raw chicken contains very harmful bacteria.

–When checking to see if chicken is cooked, make sure there are no signs of red and pink and be sure all juices run away totally clear from the meat. Follow all cooking times thoroughly.

–When reheating a chicken dish, make sure that it is piping hot before you serve it.

–Do not reheat leftover prawn dishes – discard any leftovers.

–Make sure that any food stored in the fridge is tightly covered with cling film or foil.

–Rice cannot be reheated, so eat it all up once you have cooked it.

–Do not put a hot dish into a cold fridge or freezer as this will cause the temperature of the fridge or freezer to rise. Let it cool down first, then put it in.

–Make sure a frozen dish is defrosted totally before cooking it again.

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