Sarah Raven's Food for Friends & Family

Sarah Raven's Food for Friends & Family

Sarah Raven
401 recipes
Published by
Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
Jonathan Buckley

A sumptuous collection of over 400 seasonal recipes for sharing and savouring, from award-winning cookery writer Sarah Raven, Food for Friends & Family takes us through the year with recipes that will appeal to best friends, children, uncles and mothers-in-law alike. Whether roasting rose flavoured marshmallows round a bonfire or tucking into a glorious Christmas lunch, there is something here for everyone. Sarah's seasonal recipes are utterly delectable, and include beetroot tart with horseradish cream, Sussex stewed steak, sesame salmon with pea pesto, parsnip and sweet potato crisps, rabbit pie, lamb kebabs with spiced aubergine sauce, pork and porcini casserole, banbury cakes, blackcurrant mousse ice cream, plum syllabub and tarte tatin – which can be accompanied by glasses of home-made ginger beer or Danish glögg. Stylish and gorgeously illustrated with photographs by Jonathan Buckley, this is a joyous celebration of both the countryside and of fantastic food, and one that you'll turn to for inspiration again and again.

In this book

  1. Spring
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    2. Dukkah spice mix with spring veg
    3. Popcorn and pumpkin seeds with chilli and lime
    4. Quails’ eggs with homemade celery salt
    5. Smoked salmon pâté
    6. Spinach and rocket soup
    7. Watercress soup
    8. Chilled asparagus soup
    9. Leek and potato soup
    10. Janis’s luxurious fish soup
    11. Crayfish and sweetcorn chowder
    12. Crostini topped with tapenade
    13. Parmesan croûtes
    14. Garlic bread with chilli and coriander
    15. Roast asparagus salad with orange
    16. Ginger and mixed seed salad
    17. Iranian herb and feta salad
    18. Squid and chorizo salad
    19. Thai spiced pork with beansprouts and cashew nuts
    20. Jane’s warm chicken, pancetta and gorgonzola salad with mothers-in-laws’ tongues
    21. Spring onion and coriander pancakes with soy sauce
    22. Spring onion tart
    23. Spinach tart
    24. Spinach and ricotta cannelloni
    25. Ricotta al forno
    26. Rocket, spinach and walnut pesto pasta
    27. Pea and spinach timbale
    28. Stir-fried green vegetables
    29. Chicory hearts with green mayonnaise
    30. Salmon carpaccio with strong spring salad leaves
    31. Smokie or kipper soufflé
    32. Sweet and sour trout with lemon and ginger
    33. Sesame salmon with pea pesto
    34. Moroccan fish tagine
    35. Smoked haddock with waxy potatoes in a cream chive sauce
    36. Prawn korma
    37. Teresa’s pot chicken with tarragon sauce
    38. Beer-can chicken
    39. Chicken and leek pie
    40. Duck confit
    41. Duck curry
    42. Raised game pie
    43. Ham in hay with parsley sauce
    44. Spicy pork ribs
    45. Pork meatballs with kale
    46. Pork rogan josh
    47. Liver and bacon with clove and onion marmalade
    48. Mixed grill with potato cakes
    49. Oxtail stew
    50. Five-hour leg of lamb
    51. Slow-cooked shoulder of lamb with rosemary and onion sauce
    52. Hugh’s shepherd’s pie
    53. Lamb rissoles
    54. Persian jewelled rice
    55. Juliet’s broad beans in parsley sauce
    56. Sage leaf tempura
    57. Parsnip and sweet potato crisps
    58. Cumin chunky chips
    59. Potato bonne femme
    60. Spicy cauliflower
    61. Warm chickpeas with tahini dressing
    62. Coffee mousse
    63. Bay leaf ice cream
    64. Lemon and passion fruit meringue pie
    65. Blood orange and grapefruit sorbet with limoncello
    66. Rhubarb tart
    67. Rhubarb Charlotte
    68. Hot cross bun and butter pudding
    69. Pear and apple crumble
    70. Elderflower and milk jellies
    71. Yoghurt pannacotta semifreddo with strawberry and rhubarb compote
    72. Orange and lemon cake with marmalade cream
    73. Primrose lemon curd cupcakes
    74. Chocolate cake with lime
    75. Lemon and poppy seed kugelhopf cake
    76. Hot cross buns
    77. Easter biscuits
    78. After Eight chocolate chip cookies
    79. Solid mini Easter eggs
    80. Large hollow Easter egg
    81. Arabian macaroons
    82. Butter oat biscuits
    83. Turkish honey nuts
    84. Honey nut cookies
    85. Walnut biscuits
    86. Liz’s marzipan and dried cherry flapjacks
    87. Quick rhubarb chutney with cardamom
    88. Piccalilli
    89. Rosemary, sage and thyme salt
    90. Yoghurt cheese balls
    91. Orange and passion fruitade
    92. Grapefruit and cranberry spritzer
    93. Rhubarb and ginger vodka
    94. Limoncello
    95. Jamaican rum punch
    96. Claret cup
  2. Summer
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    2. Crunchy summer vegetables with anchovy mayonnaise
    3. Marinated artichoke heart and fennel salad with pecorino
    4. Split pea and mint croquettes with minted yoghurt
    5. Crunchy courgettes in an anchovy crust with tartare sauce
    6. Seeded sausage rolls
    7. Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus
    8. Crostini with pea and basil pesto
    9. Parmesan lollipops
    10. Cream of tomato soup
    11. Darina’s pea, chilli and coriander soup
    12. Chilled cucumber soup
    13. Andalusian soup salad
    14. Summer vegetable garden soup with tarragon pesto
    15. Crab (or prawn) and tomato bisque
    16. Basil oil ice cubes
    17. Croûtes with rouille
    18. Chilli and feta cornbread
    19. Focaccia
    20. Marinated mozzarella with basil and prosciutto
    21. Tomato, basil and mozzarella salad with artichoke hearts
    22. Warm courgette, cumin and goats’ cheese salad
    23. Globe artichoke and courgette summer salad
    24. Greek salad with marinated onions
    25. Prawn and smoked trout salad
    26. Prawn, melon and tomato salad
    27. Crab and avocado salad
    28. Haloumi and summer fruit salad
    29. Warm chorizo, tomato and bread salad with tahini dressing
    30. Moroccan roast chicken salad with green beans
    31. Summer garden fritto misto
    32. Grilled summer vegetables with goats’ cheese
    33. Fasolakia
    34. Courgette ‘meat’ balls
    35. Stuffed courgette flowers with honey
    36. Moroccan spiced courgette and goats’ cheese tart
    37. Tomato tarte tatin
    38. Pizza
    39. Summer vegetable risotto
    40. Sea bass baked in salt
    41. Langoustines with basil mayonnaise
    42. Crab cakes with chilli jam
    43. Pea, scallop and prawn risotto
    44. Beef carpaccio with fennel flowers
    45. Marinated fennel fillet of beef with strong mustardy leaves
    46. Larbmoo
    47. Pork and porcini casserole
    48. Chicken tagine with almonds and apricots
    49. Chicken and black pepper Boursin kiev
    50. Sugarsnap, mangetout and pickled ginger salad
    51. River café garden salad with bruschette
    52. Savoury fruit salad
    53. Edible flower couscous salad
    54. Pea, broad bean and edamame bean salad
    55. Broad bean pilaf
    56. Potato and leek salad
    57. New potatoes with shallots, peppers and cream
    58. Potato and chard salad with pea pesto
    59. Beetroot horseradish
    60. Potato puttanesca
    61. Aubergine and mozzarella stacks
    62. Baked feta with thyme and tomatoes
    63. Barbecued broad beans with Pecorino
    64. Courgette and mascarpone frittata
    65. Stuffed red horn peppers
    66. Skewered new potatoes
    67. William’s burger recipes
    68. Lamb kebabs with spiced aubergine sauce
    69. Persian butterflied leg of lamb
    70. Chicken souvlaki with coriander
    71. Char sui pork
    72. Scallops cooked on the fire
    73. Mackerel in fennel-seed oatmeal crust
    74. Trout or mackerel in a newspaper parcel
    75. Summer terrine
    76. Falafel
    77. Chicken breast stuffed with garden herbs
    78. Focaccia open sandwiches
    79. Red pepper and feta salad in a jar
    80. Sweet red pepper and feta tart
    81. Asparagus and gruyère tart
    82. Party plum tart
    83. Baked vanilla and lemon cheesecake with marinated strawberries
    84. Poached fresh apricots with cardamom
    85. Strawberry and basil ice cream drizzled with basil oil
    86. Raspberry ripple ice cream
    87. Blackcurrant mousse ice cream
    88. Raspberry and valpolicella sorbet
    89. Basil, raspberry and hazelnut meringues
    90. Lemon tart topped with raspberries
    91. Summer berry Bakewell tart
    92. Peaches in sweet rosé wine with lemon verbena
    93. Gooseberry meringue cake
    94. Melon soup
    95. Plum syllabub
    96. Scones with rosemary cherries
    97. Layered summer sponge
    98. Raspberry cupcakes with mascarpone frosting
    99. Upside-down raspberry cake
    100. Devonshire honey cake with plum or damson compote
    101. Pelargonium-scented strawberry jam
    102. Pickled cherries
    103. Balsamic pickled onions
    104. Pickled garlic
    105. Thai spiced basil pesto
    106. Beetroot and sweet potato relish
    107. Quick elderflower ‘champagne’
    108. Limeade
    109. Lime cordial
    110. Lemon thyme vodka lemonade
    111. Negroni
    112. Champagne cocktail
    113. Strawberry and basil vodka cocktail
    114. Summer berry bellinis
  3. Autumn
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    2. Tomato and chilli salsa with corn tortillas
    3. Spiced, toasted chickpeas
    4. Squash hummus
    5. Rosemary flatbread
    6. Barbecued corn with chilli and garlic butter
    7. Smoked mackerel pâté
    8. Pumpkin and apple soup with chestnuts
    9. Mulligatawny soup
    10. Crab and red pepper soup
    11. Porcini mushroom soup
    12. Mary Berry’s beetroot and coconut soup
    13. Cullen skink
    14. Ham and lentil soup with green sauce
    15. Cleopatra’s tomato soup
    16. Spicy chickpea soup
    17. Mary’s fluffy croutons
    18. Cheese and fennel seed scones
    19. Pumpkin cornbread
    20. Pear, pancetta and blue cheese salad
    21. Pumpkin, kale and parmesan salad
    22. Fennel and apple salad with toasted pumpkin seeds
    23. Roasted beetroot, pumpkin and rocket salad
    24. Tricolour pepper caponata
    25. Beetroot tart with horseradish cream
    26. Griddled aubergine with fennel seeds and tzatziki
    27. Roasted red peppers with goats’ cheese
    28. Vegetable pakoras
    29. Wild mushroom lasagne
    30. Mushroom risotto with truffle oil
    31. Curried prawns with lentils
    32. Mussels in a cream curry sauce
    33. Griddled scallops with sweetcorn purée
    34. Tomato and fennel squid
    35. Tarragon fishcakes with rich tomato sauce
    36. Herb and garlic fried chicken
    37. Chicken fillets with coriander and lime
    38. Sussex stewed steak
    39. Chilli con carne
    40. Fragrant Moroccan lamb shanks
    41. Pan-fried lambs’ kidneys with lentils
    42. Rabbit pie
    43. Chorizo lentils with sausages
    44. Hungarian paprakash
    45. Sausage burgers
    46. Thai chicken burgers
    47. Grated carrot, pine nut and raisin salad
    48. Roast cumin carrots
    49. Parsnip balls
    50. Beetroot marmalade
    51. Squash purée
    52. Fig mashed potato
    53. Autumn roasted vegetables
    54. Warm aubergine and fennel salad
    55. Creamed thyme leeks
    56. Brussels sprouts salad with an orange and mustard dressing
    57. Fennel and parmesan gratin
    58. Lemon and lime couscous
    59. Mini pelargonium blackberry and apple pies
    60. Toffee apple pie
    61. Baked figs with yoghurt ice cream
    62. Tarte tatin
    63. Baked apples with cinnamon ice cream
    64. Pear parcels with star anise
    65. Baked blackberries and raspberries with mascarpone
    66. Austrian curd cake
    67. Chocolate, beetroot and orange cake
    68. Victoria sponge with fruit curd
    69. Mary Stearns’s apple cake
    70. Caramelised sesame shortbread
    71. Scottish tablet
    72. Rose marshmallows
    73. Pumpkin seed and cinnamon brittle
    74. Damson jam
    75. Blackberry and apple curd
    76. Chilli jelly
    77. Chilli sherry
    78. Rosehip jelly
    79. Mint and apple jelly
    80. Apple membrillo
    81. Apple chutney
    82. Marrow and apple chutney
    83. Elderberry vinegar
    84. Red pepper and onion relish
    85. Pumpkin and chilli chutney
    86. Bean chutney
    87. Spiced pickled beans
    88. Pickled ginger
    89. Blackberry and apple gin
    90. Sloe or damson vodka or gin
    91. Elderberry robb
    92. Danish glögg
    93. Blackberry champagne cocktail
    94. Spiced pear bellinis
    95. Ginger beer
    96. Apple, ginger and lime juice
  4. Winter
    1. Read this Chapter
    2. Prosciutto and rocket rolls
    3. Griddled sweet potato on rosemary sticks
    4. Parmesan, Stilton and black olive cheesy sticks
    5. Duck rillettes
    6. Chicory boats filled with pantzarosalata
    7. Marinated olives
    8. Cock-a-leekie
    9. Avgolemono
    10. Winter minestrone
    11. Cream of celeriac and Jerusalem artichoke soup
    12. Halibut steak with lentils and a winter salsa verde
    13. Curly kale and almond soup
    14. Leek, sage and butterbean soup
    15. Moroccan harira with sorrel sauce
    16. Cardamom parsnip soup with coriander
    17. Soda bread with sunflower and pumpkin seeds
    18. Parmesan and dill seed toasts
    19. Quick spelt and mixed seed bread
    20. Quick caraway bread
    21. Wilted winter green salad
    22. Warm lentil, squash and feta salad
    23. Pigeon breast salad with juniper and pomegranate
    24. Duck and red cabbage salad with fragrant plum sauce
    25. Celeriac salad with apple, pine nuts and prosciutto
    26. Stilton and celery tart
    27. Red onion, parmesan and rosemary tart
    28. Winter garden fritto misto with winter herb green mayonnaise
    29. Onion bhajis with pomegranate raita
    30. Cauliflower and chickpea curry
    31. Andrew’s fish pie
    32. Smoked haddock with Lord Dalrymple’s top
    33. Indonesian fish curry with mango salsa
    34. Red Thai curry mussels
    35. Scallops in a cream chilli sauce
    36. Jane’s venison casserole with no-suet dumplings
    37. Venison fillets with rosemary and juniper
    38. Teresa’s fresh cottage pie
    39. Cured beef with beetroot and horseradish cream
    40. Toad-in-the-hole with sage and red onions
    41. Haggis with clapshot
    42. Shredded Brussels sprouts with ginger and toasted almonds
    43. Thyme-roast Brussels sprouts with chestnuts
    44. Baked red cabbage with apricots
    45. Slow-cooked cannellini beans
    46. Fennel ratatouille
    47. Coconut and coriander rice
    48. Kale with juniper
    49. Lemon-and-anchovy-dressed purple sprouting broccoli
    50. Mixed root veg with a Parmesan and sesame crust
    51. Slow-roast carrots with garlic lemon butter
    52. Crunchy rosemary roast potatoes
    53. Leek, celeriac and potato gratin
    54. Classic potato dauphinoise
    55. Aligot
    56. Queen of puddings
    57. Teresa’s apple brown Betty
    58. Cardamom and poppy seed ice cream
    59. Baked egg custard
    60. Mango and apricot compote
    61. Individual lime or lemon mousses
    62. Greek yoghurt and bay-flavoured pannacotta
    63. Black fruit and apple tart
    64. Lemon and courgette drizzle cake
    65. Spicy ginger cake
    66. Ginger biscuits
    67. Sesame-seed brandysnaps with ginger and lemon cream
    68. Cape gooseberry chocolates
    69. Jane’s strawberry and white chocolate truffles
    70. Anna’s thick-cut dark, dark marmalade
    71. Clementine and lemon curd
    72. Crystallised ginger
    73. Roasted red onion and garlic chutney
    74. Cranberry and lime compote
    75. Cabbage kimchi
    76. Winter apple, pear and chestnut chutney
    77. Jack Daniel’s hot chocolate
    78. Mulled pear cider
    79. Pomegranate Bellinis
    80. Asolano
    81. Roast turkey with lemon and herb butter
    82. Turkey gravy
    83. Roasted red peppers with macadamia and apple stuffing
    84. Slow-roast duck with fruit and herb gravy
    85. Bacon-wrapped chestnut stuffing rolls
    86. Bread sauce with chunky red onions
    87. Turkey tonnato
    88. Turkey and parmesan gratin
    89. Christmas bubble and squeak
    90. Turkey croquettes
    91. Individual Christmas cakes
    92. Peter’s Banbury cake mincemeat
    93. Banbury cakes
    94. Cointreau butter
    95. Mincemeat
    96. Mince pies
    97. Apple and mincemeat strudel
    98. Chocolate and mincemeat brownies
    99. Christmas pudding

Recipes in Sarah Raven's Food for Friends & Family

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