Summer pudding with lavender cream

Summer pudding with lavender cream

Thrive on Five
Dan Jones

There is something wonderful about this quintessentially British dessert. Enclosing a medley of seasonal fruit, the bread dome is sealed with a jam lining, creating a beautifully marbled effect. This dish is ideally prepared the night before serving. For a lighter pudding with the same flavours, try our Summer berry compôte.


Quantity Ingredient
flavourless vegetable oil or unsalted butter, for the basin
640g mixed summer berries, stalks removed, strawberries hulled and quartered
100g caster sugar
1 tablespoon rose water
1/2 orange, juiced
1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean paste, (optional)
3 teaspoons low-sugar blackcurrant jam, (optional)
6 thin slices large white loaf, crusts removed
110ml whipping cream
4-5 lavender flower heads


  1. Oil or butter a 850ml pudding basin, then line with two sheets of cling film, leaving a 3–4cm overhang.
  2. Place all the berries in a large, heavy-based saucepan with the sugar, rose water, orange juice and vanilla bean paste (if using). Cook over a low heat for three to five minutes, until the sugar dissolves and juices start bleeding from the fruit. Turn off the heat and leave in the pan.
  3. Spread the jam over the bread; it will block the seepage of the juices and add to the final marbled effect, so leave it out if you would prefer a more homogenous appearance. Line the basin with five of the slices, jam facing inside, overlapping slightly to ensure no gaps and pressing the bread against the sides.
  4. Spoon the fruit and half its juice into the basin. Cover the pudding with the last slice of bread, then pull over the overhanging cling film. Place a saucer that fits inside the basin on top, then place a weight, about 2kg, on top of that. Refrigerate overnight to soak up the juices.
  5. Strain the leftover juice through a fine sieve into a small pan. Bring to the boil, then simmer for five to 10 minutes, until reduced to a light syrup. Pour into a jug, cover and chill.
  6. Heat the cream gently but do not bring to the boil. Add the lavender heads. Cover and chill overnight to infuse. Next day, remove the lavender and whip the cream to stiff peaks.
  7. To serve, unwrap the cling film and carefully invert the pudding on to a plate. Now you must take a view: you can use the berry juices to ‘paint’ any white area, or leave the pudding marbled and drizzle the juice over the cream.
  8. Either way, serve with a dollop of fragrant lavender cream.
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