The Seahorse

The Seahorse

Mitchell Tonks
158 recipes
Published by
Absolute Press
Chris Terry

The Seahorse restaurant, nestled on the mouth of the River Dart, champions some of the best fish and shellfish in the world from the nearby landing site and is a favourite haunt of the foodie establishment. The menu is a seafood lover’s tour of Europe’s great fish dishes and cooking over a charcoal fire is the restaurant’s speciality. With an emphasis on freshness and the catch of the day, the food’s simplicity is as deceptive as it is delicious. Cherished by critics, foodies and locals, The Seahorse is a rare gem in Britain’s sea of restaurants and was named ‘Best Seafood Restaurant in the UK 2013’ by the Good Food Guide and ‘Best UK Restaurant 2012’ by Observer Food Monthly. The Seahorse showcases over 70 spectacular dishes served at the restaurant. Celebrating the seasons and reflecting the restaurant’s changing menu in tune with the harvest from the waves, it combines insightful features focusing on the restaurant’s suppliers in Europe and stunning photography from Chris Terry to create a beautiful and accessible addition to any seafood lover’s kitchen.

In this book

  1. Introduction
  2. Friends and places that inspired our restaurant
  3. I bologna, barbera and tartufo
  4. Fish at the Seahorse
  5. Meat
  6. Our wines
  7. Olio di colleena
  8. Salt
  9. The morning fire
  10. The use of fire
  11. Antipasti
  12. To start
    1. Read this Chapter
    2. Crostino of dartmouth crab, celery and watercress
    3. A mixed fry of cuttlefish, artichokes, lemon and courgettes with salsa limone
    4. Zuppa del pescatore
    5. Cured salmon with maple and pink pepper
    6. Octopus salad with potatoes, onions, oregano and capers
    7. Clams cooked in their own juices with parsley
    8. Herring roes and shrimps
    9. Warm pig’s head with peppers in agrodolce
    10. Sea bass with lime, chilli and avocado
    11. Trofie genovese
    12. Mussels steamed with bay, chilli and parsley
    13. Langoustino prawns cooked in olive oil, garlic and chilli
    14. Octopus salad ‘niçoise’
    15. Milk-fed lamb sweetbreads with garlic
    16. Fried pigs’ feet with apple and balsamic
    17. Calf tripe in the florentine style
    18. Sprat fillets cured in sweet vinegar with grapes and basil
    19. Raw sea bass with citrus and ginger
    20. Fried calf brains with fried potatoes and sage
    21. Cuttlefish in ink sauce with polenta
    22. Small shrimps with garlic and wet polenta
    23. Chicken livers grilled over the fire with sage and aged vinegar
    24. Lamb sweetbreads with marsala and mint
    25. Lamb sweetbreads braised with artichokes and peas
    26. Calf brains with capers and aged vinegar
    27. Raw red prawns with olive oil
    28. Caprese salad
    29. Potato gnocchi with parmigiano and summer truffle
    30. Spider crab dressed with olive oil and lemon
    31. The seahorse crab salad
    32. Soup of borlotti beans and surf clams
    33. White asparagus with our local crab
    34. White crab, celery and bottarga
    35. Cured herring with orange and radish
    36. Scallops with white port and garlic
    37. Squid in umido
    38. Crab thermidor
    39. Soup of red mullet and cuttlefish
    40. Brown crab bakedin the basque style
    41. Clams with braised pigs’ trotters, fino sherry and peas
    42. The finest salt-cured anchovies from cantabria
    43. Salted anchovies with pork fat
    44. Octopus carpaccio with tomatoes and savory
    45. Cured red mullet with fennel and orange
  13. Pasta & rice
  14. To follow
  15. Side dishes
  16. Desserts
  17. Stock & sauces

Recipes in The Seahorse

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