Mango pudding with fresh coconut

Mango pudding with fresh coconut

New Thai Food
Jeremy Simons

You can make this pudding with papaya, pineapple or banana. It keeps well in the refrigerator, although it always tastes best eaten at room temperature.


Quantity Ingredient
4 ripe mangoes, peeled and stoned
160g caster sugar
45g palm sugar, shaved
1 tablespoon rice flour
100ml coconut cream
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
or 1/2 vanilla bean, scraped
young coconut, zested into strips, to garnish
1 teaspoon sesame seeds, toasted, to garnish
80ml Palm sugar caramel, to serve


  1. Purée the mango flesh in a food processor.
  2. Heat the purée in a large heavy-based saucepan over a medium heat, stirring continuously until it comes to the boil.
  3. Add the caster and palm sugars, rice flour, 100 ml coconut cream, salt and vanilla extract or bean, and continue to cook, stirring continuously, until the mixture is thick and a dark yellow-brown colour. It is ready when the mango is glossy and doesn’t fall off the spoon but, rather, clings to it when lifted from the mixture. This will take about 20 minutes from the time the sugars are added. If using the vanilla bean, remove from the mixture.
  4. Oil a small baking tin and pour the pudding mixture into it. Leave to set overnight.
  5. When cool and set, cut the pudding into 2.5 cm squares with a sharp knife. Place on a serving plate, garnish each square with the coconut and sesame seeds, drizzle with the palm sugar caramel and serve.


  • If you like your coconut, you could roll the squares of mango pudding in the shredded flesh of ½ young coconut to coat the squares all over, then finish with the sesame seeds and the palm sugar caramel.
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