Beef and burgundy pie

Beef and burgundy pie

Encyclopedia of Food and Cookery

A restaurant favourite, this rich beef filling can be made into one large pie or individual ones, and topped with flaky pastry or a tender scone crust.


Quantity Ingredient
2 tablespoons oil
30g butter
60g pickled pork, diced
12 baby onions, peeled
250g button mushrooms
1kg chuck steak or beef shin, cubed
3 tablespoons plain flour, seasoned
1 large onion, chopped
1 teaspoon fresh marjoram, chopped
or 1/4 teaspoon dried marjoram
2 teaspoons fresh thyme, chopped
or 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
250ml burgundy or other red wine
250ml beef stock
salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 quantity Rough puff pastry
or 1 quantity Flaky pastry
or 1 quantity Scones, dough uncooked
egg, beaten, to glaze
or milk, to glaze


  1. Heat oil and butter in a large, heavy saucepan or flameproof casserole. Dry pickled pork well and fry until crisp and golden. Remove pork with a slotted spoon and reserve. Brown first baby onions, then mushrooms, in fat in pan removing each when done.
  2. Toss beef with seasoned flour and brown, a few pieces at a time. Add chopped onion and cook gently until soft, then return pork and beef to the saucepan and add herbs, wine and stock. Cover and simmer very gently on top of stove, or place in a preheated slow oven (150°C). Cook for about 1½–2½ hours or until beef is tender.
  3. Add baby onions and cook for a further 15 minutes, then add mushrooms and cook for 10 minutes more. Taste and adjust seasoning. Cool completely.
  4. For pie with pastry crust, spoon beef into a pie dish just large enough to hold it, mounded slightly, or into 6 individual pie dishes. Roll out pastry dough and cover dish or dishes. Decorate with roses or tassels and leaves made from pastry trimmings. Chill for 20 minutes.
  5. Cut a few small slits in crust and glaze with beaten egg. Bake in a preheated very hot oven (230°C) for about 10 minutes or until pastry is well risen and beginning to colour, then reduce heat to a moderate 180°C and continue baking until pastry is golden brown and filling heated through: 25–35 minutes more for a large pie, 15–20 minutes for individual pies. Cover loosely with foil if pastry is browning too much.
  6. For pie with scone crust, spoon filling into pie dish, casserole or 6 individual ramekins, to come 1 cm below rim. For a large pie, pat out scone dough to 1 cm thick and cut into 12 scones. Place scones close together on top of filling.
  7. For small pies, pat out dough, cut 6 rounds to fit ramekins and place on filling. Brush tops with milk. Bake in a preheated very hot oven (230°C) for 8–10 minutes or until scone crust is well risen and golden, then reduce heat to a moderate 180°C, cover loosely with foil and continue baking until filling is heated through, for 20–30 minutes more.
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