Leiths How to Cook

Leiths How to Cook

Leiths School of Food and Wine
515 recipes
Published by
Quadrille Publishing
Peter Cassidy

This comprehensive guide will take you – subject by subject – through every aspect of food preparation and cooking. Skills are explained in detail and clearly illustrated with step-by-step photographs throughout. Here you will find the essentials that most cooks leave out: how to prepare every single ingredient from scratch, including vegetables, fish, shellfish, poultry and game; how to judge when meat is perfectly cooked and the best way to carve roasts; the correct texture at every stage of pastry, cake and bread making; and how to make the perfect pasta and risotto. And if things don't turn out quite right, there is a Leiths chef looking over their shoulder and guiding them through every step of the way. Recipes are clearly set out, easy to follow and illustrated with clear photographs, plus detail shots showing key preparation stages. There are over 500 mouthwatering recipes plus more than 250 variations, taking in contemporary dishes from cuisines worldwide as well as great classics with a modern twist. The perfect wedding or leaving home present, this ultimate cook's reference book should be on every kitchen shelf.

In this book

  1. Introduction
  2. Vegetables
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    2. Caramelised onion confit
    3. French onion soup
    4. Shallot purée
    5. Vichy carrots
    6. Carrots with raisins, walnuts and sherry vinegar
    7. Sautéed carrots with cumin
    8. Celeriac rémoulade
    9. Celeriac purée
    10. Celery braised in cider
    11. Braised artichokes
    12. Fried baby artichokes with aioli
    13. Artichoke salad with hot bacon and mustard vinaigrette
    14. Jerusalem artichoke soup
    15. Griddled asparagus
    16. Asparagus with hollandaise sauce
    17. Asparagus and samphire with brown shrimps and new potatoes
    18. Aubergine and panch phoran pie
    19. Fried aubergines with garlic and minted yoghurt
    20. Moutabal
    21. Guacamole
    22. Avocado and spring onion salad with soy and mirin dressing
    23. Avocado fattoush with za’atar crisps
    24. Fine green beans with almonds
    25. Fine green bean and tomato salad with salsa verde
    26. Broad bean, pea, feta and mint salad
    27. Braised peas and baby onions
    28. Salad of beetroot, goat’s cheese and candied pecans
    29. Hot raw beetroot with black pepper and lemon
    30. Roast parsnips
    31. Stir-fry of tenderstem broccoli, chilli, garlic and lemon
    32. Purple sprouting broccoli with salsa verde butter sauce
    33. Cauliflower cheese
    34. Roasted cauliflower with beurre noisette, almonds and sherry vinegar
    35. Cauliflower soup with truffle oil
    36. Chicory tatin
    37. Buttered leeks
    38. Roasted leeks with lemon and pine nuts
    39. Vichyssoise
    40. Steamed baby leeks with tomato and shallot vinaigrette
    41. Fennel salad with blood orange, watercress and black olives
    42. Braised fennel with lemon thyme
    43. Stir-fry of sweet peppers with chilli and ginger
    44. Red ratatouille
    45. Chilli, coriander and mint salad
    46. Savoy cabbage with pancetta
    47. Bubble and squeak with spring greens
    48. Red cabbage with chestnuts and bacon
    49. Braised red cabbage and apple
    50. Sweet dill slaw
    51. Kale with garlic and chilli
    52. Wilted spinach
    53. Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce
    54. Stir-fry of Asian leaves
    55. Braised baby gem hearts
    56. Sauté of wild mushrooms and hazelnuts
    57. Mushrooms on sourdough toast with deep-fried poached duck eggs
    58. Individual mushroom and onion confit Charlottes
    59. Boiled new potatoes
    60. Steamed new potatoes
    61. Mashed potatoes
    62. Fondant potatoes
    63. Sauté potatoes
    64. Rosti
    65. Chips
    66. Matchstick potatoes
    67. Game chips
    68. Roast potatoes
    69. Boulangère potatoes
    70. Pommes Anna
    71. Dauphinoise potatoes
    72. Sweet potato roasted with lemon, red onion and sweet paprika
    73. Sautéed salsify
    74. Deep-fried scorzonera with a parsley, chive and walnut pesto
    75. Sweetcorn soup
    76. Courgette fritters with dukkah
    77. Sautéed courgettes with shallots and garlic
    78. Courgettes and spinach
    79. Maple roasted butternut squash with sage and pine nuts
    80. Butternut squash, coconut and lemongrass soup
    81. Marinated Mediterranean vegetables
    82. Gazpacho
    83. Heritage tomato salad
    84. Cherry tomato and grilled pepper salad
    85. Italian tomato salad with crisp Parma ham
    86. Glazed baby vegetables
    87. Roasted baby vegetables
    88. Parsley salad
    89. Herb beignets
    90. Chive, basil or parsley oil
    91. Harissa paste
  3. Stocks and sauces
  4. Eggs
  5. Pasta, rice, pulses and grains
  6. Shellfish
  7. Fish
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    2. Sole bonne femme
    3. Halibut with brown shrimp, pea and tomato butter
    4. Brill, squid and clam stew
    5. Skate with brown butter and capers
    6. Plaice with a tomato and sorrel dressing
    7. Slip sole with burnt hollandaise
    8. Plaice, cucumber and girolles with rosemary cream sauce
    9. Sole meunière
    10. Brill with a cider mustard sauce and apple and fennel salad
    11. Halibut tronçons with lentils
    12. Roasted whole brill with thyme
    13. Goujons of sole
    14. Skate wing with cauliflower purée and hazelnut and parsley butter
    15. Honey baked sea bass with pickled ginger
    16. Sea bass en papillote with slow-cooked tomato and fennel
    17. Fish pie
    18. Cod steaks baked with lemon potatoes and olives
    19. Sea bass with garlic, ginger and soy
    20. Red mullet with aubergine, caper and pine nut relish
    21. Sea bream with salmoriglio sauce
    22. Noisettes of haddock with sauce vierge
    23. John Dory with sage butter and deep-fried vegetable ribbons
    24. John Dory with braised peas and lettuce
    25. Pollock with skordalia and a pine nut vinaigrette
    26. Sweet and sour snapper curry
    27. Monkfish with sage and Savoy cabbage
    28. Whole roasted sea bass with artichokes and tomatoes
    29. Deep-fried fish in a beer batter coating
    30. Brandade fritters with sweet paprika mayonnaise
    31. Trout en papillote with ginger and galangal
    32. Salmon fillets with a sweet and hot crust
    33. Salmon quenelles in a lemongrass and ginger broth
    34. Poached whole salmon with herb mayonnaise
    35. Salmon fillets wrapped in lettuce with a warm fennel citrus dressing
    36. Whole mackerel with gooseberry sauce
    37. Miso marinated grilled mackerel with soba noodles
    38. Grilled mackerel with chickpeas and tomatoes
    39. Ginger and sesame glazed tuna
    40. Griddled tuna with a chilli coriander pesto
    41. Salmon and sorrel fishcakes with mustard sauce
    42. Seared tuna with a pickled vegetable salad
    43. Noisettes of salmon with samphire and asparagus
    44. Escabeche of sardines
    45. Fried sardines with a spicy pickled cucumber and red onion salad
    46. Pan-fried oated herring with a bacon, pistachio and pomegranate relish
    47. Deep-fried whitebait
    48. Tea-smoked mackerel with horseradish potatoes and chive oil
    49. Hot-smoked trout with roasted beetroot and watercress
    50. Smoked eel blinis with horseradish cream
    51. Smoked haddock chowder
    52. Ceviche
    53. Gravadlax with mustard and dill sauce
  8. Poultry and feathered game
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    2. Roast chicken
    3. Roast turkey
    4. Pot roast chicken with a rosemary and walnut dressing
    5. Braised guinea fowl with smoked paprika and peppers
    6. Chicken poached in Chinese stock
    7. Chinese poached chicken with chilli and coriander salad
    8. Crisp-fried poached chicken with spring onion and soy dressing
    9. Chicken and leek soup
    10. Chicken, wild mushroom and chive pie
    11. Coq au vin
    12. Chicken with saffron and preserved lemon
    13. Chicken cooked in cider with caramelised onions and apples
    14. Chicken in a pomegranate and walnut sauce
    15. Mustard baked chicken
    16. Chicken breasts with tarragon and crème fraîche sauce
    17. Chicken breasts with rosemary, lemon and pine nuts
    18. Pan-fried breast of guinea fowl with morel and bacon risotto
    19. Chicken breast stuffed with feta and green peppercorns
    20. Jerk chicken salad with corn and black beans
    21. Chinese chicken and mushroom soup
    22. Sesame and soy glazed wings and drumsticks
    23. Za’atar chicken with sweet tomato relish
    24. Chicken pilau
    25. Poussin with leek, roast pear and goat’s cheese
    26. Poussin with kaffir lime, ginger and lemongrass
    27. Poussin with warm fennel, potato and pancetta salad
    28. Ballotine of chicken with wild mushrooms
    29. Ricotta and herb stuffed chicken
    30. Chicken mousseline
    31. Roast duck with bitter orange sauce
    32. Braised duck with herbs, chestnuts and gremolata
    33. Duck confit
    34. Warm duck confit salad
    35. Spiced duck confit in a ginger broth
    36. Duck breasts with thyme and cherries
    37. Tamarind and sesame duck salad
    38. Duck and spinach curry
    39. Roast pheasant
    40. Pheasant with whisky
    41. Pheasant breast with prunes in Armagnac
    42. Partridge with pancetta and lentils
    43. Wood pigeon with morcilla and sage salad
    44. Wood pigeon with a grape and clementine relish
    45. Quail with honey, thyme and figs
    46. Quail with pomegranate molasses, watercress and feta salad
    47. Chicken liver pâté
    48. Salade tiède
  9. Meat
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    2. Roast beef
    3. Yorkshire puddings
    4. Fillet of beef en croûte
    5. Ragù sauce for pasta
    6. Beef with caramelised baby onions and rosemary
    7. Carbonnade of beef
    8. Beef rendang
    9. Szechuan beef short ribs
    10. Ox cheek daube with star anise, hazelnut and orange
    11. Oxtail stew
    12. Braised veal shank with white wine and gremolata
    13. Pan-fried steak
    14. Côte de boeuf with béarnaise sauce
    15. Roast veal chop with a caper, pancetta and shallot sauce
    16. Veal in marsala sauce
    17. Miso-marinated rump steak
    18. Sesame beef salad
    19. Thai beef salad
    20. Stir-fried beef with green peppercorns
    21. Beef carpaccio with horseradish dressing
    22. Steak tartare
    23. Calf’s liver with a ginger, pecan and thyme sauce
    24. Veal kidneys with wild mushrooms and brioche croûtes
    25. Deep-fried spiced sweetbreads with sauce gribiche
    26. Pan-fried sweetbreads with baby spring vegetables and Madeira sauce
    27. Roast leg of lamb with rosemary
    28. Garlic and rosemary scented slow-roasted shoulder of lamb
    29. Butterflied leg of lamb with a caper and anchovy relish
    30. Butterflied leg of lamb with star anise
    31. Sage and fig stuffed lamb
    32. Rump of lamb with braised beans and tomatoes
    33. Rack of lamb with a mustard and herb crust
    34. Lamb cutlets with herbs
    35. Loin of lamb with broad beans, peas and mint
    36. Loin of lamb with braised summer vegetables
    37. Harissa lamb with spinach and chickpeas
    38. Noisettes of lamb with ratatouille
    39. Thyme-wrapped noisettes of lamb with lentils
    40. Lamb daube
    41. Lamb shanks braised in Pineau and fennel
    42. Lamb and lentil curry
    43. Moroccan lamb tagine
    44. Lamb’s kidneys with mushrooms in a mustard sauce
    45. Pan-fried lamb’s kidneys bourguignon
    46. Lamb’s liver with bacon and amontillado
    47. Roast pork
    48. Spiced pork loin roast with butternut squash and sage
    49. Slow-roasted pork shoulder in a barbecue sauce
    50. Fennel and black pepper roasted pork belly
    51. Cider roasted pork belly
    52. Herb roasted pork tenderloin
    53. Chipotle roasted pork
    54. Char siu pork
    55. Stir-fried pork with lemongrass
    56. Char siu noodle soup
    57. Pork loin chops with potatoes and red onions
    58. Pork loin chops with braised greens and mustard aioli
    59. Spare ribs with garlic, honey and soy
    60. Hoisin-braised pig cheeks
    61. Braised pig cheeks in red wine
    62. Glazed ham with cider and mustard sauce
    63. Roast rack of venison with a cherry and thyme crust
    64. Venison casserole with caramelised quince
    65. Venison steaks with blackcurrant sauce
    66. Braised rabbit in Dijon and tarragon sauce
  10. Pastry
  11. Fruit and puddings
  12. Bread, biscuits and cakes
  13. Kitchen tools and equipment
  14. Food hygiene in the kitchen
  15. Catering quantities

Recipes in Leiths How to Cook

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