Pig’s trotters stuffed with confit pork neck, with truffle potato purée and madeira jus

Pig’s trotters stuffed with confit pork neck, with truffle potato purée and madeira jus

Steve Brown

A classic dish inspired by the master, Pierre Koffman.

For this dish it is vital to select perfect unblemished trotters from the hind legs. They can be tricky to bone, so you might prefer to ask your butcher to do it for you. Otherwise, use a very sharp knife to carefully ease the skin away from the bone and peel it down – a bit like taking off a glove. At the end you’ll come to the small toe bones. Cut through these, being careful to keep the skin well out of the way. Leave the toe bones in place and straighten the skin, with the meat attached, back to its original position.


Quantity Ingredient

Pig’s trotters

Quantity Ingredient
4 fresh pig's trotters (hind legs), tunnel boned
20ml non-scented cooking oil
1 large carrot, peeled and roughly chopped
1 medium onion, roughly chopped
celery, roughly chopped
1/2 small leek, roughly chopped
garlic, crushed
80g unsalted butter
1 bay leaf
1 litre * pork jus [rid:2156]
1 litre * brown veal stock [rid:1789]


Quantity Ingredient
20ml non-scented cooking oil
2 medium onions, cut into a neat dice
80g unsalted butter
freshly ground pepper
100ml madeira
1 tablespoon thyme leaves
1 tablespoon fresh black winter truffle, finely chopped
400g Confit pork neck
200g Chicken mousse


Quantity Ingredient
400g see method for ingredients
20ml milk
50g unsalted butter
2 tablespoons black winter truffle, finely chopped
20ml madeira
1 * poached truffles [rid:1652], finely shaved


  1. To prepare the pig’s trotters:

    Preheat your oven to 110°C. Singe away any hairs from the trotters with a cook’s blowtorch.
  2. Heat a large ovenproof dish over a medium heat. Add the oil followed by the chopped vegetables and garlic. Cook for a few minutes until lightly browned. Add the butter and heat to a nut-brown foam. Lower the heat and cook gently until the vegetables have caramelised a deep even brown. Drain off the excess butter.
  3. Add the herbs, pork jus and veal stock to the pan and bring to a gentle simmer. Add the pig’s trotters and cover with a piece of greaseproof paper, cut to the size of the pan. Cover with a tight-fitting lid, transfer to oven and cook for 3 hours. Check every 30 minutes or so, to ensure they are cooking evenly.
  4. Remove from the oven and check the trotters – they should be soft and gelatinous. Remove and discard the herbs and vegetables and put the dish on a medium heat. Bring to a gentle boil, then lower the heat and braise the trotters, uncovered, for around 30 minutes. Baste every 5–10 minutes until the braising liquid has reduced to a sauce and there is a thick, sticky glaze coating the trotters. Remove the trotters from the pan and allow to cool to room temperature. Reserve the braising liquor left in the pan for serving.
  5. To make the stuffing:

    Heat the oil in a large heavy-based frying pan. Add the onions and cook over a high heat until they start to brown. Add the butter to the pan and heat to a nut-brown foam. Lower the heat and cook the onions for about 25 minutes, until they soften and caramelise a deep golden-brown.
  6. Skim off some of the pan juices and season the onions well. Add the Madeira and simmer until reduced to a thick syrup. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the thyme and chopped truffle. Tip into a mixing bowl and leave to infuse and cool.
  7. When the mixture is cool, flake the confit pork neck into the mixing bowl. Add the chicken mousse, season and fold together gently. To test the flavour balance of the stuffing, wrap a teaspoonful in cling film, secure tightly and poach for 2 minutes. Taste and adjust the seasonings if required.
  8. To stuff the pig’s trotters:

    Lay each one on a large square of cling film, open side down. Divide the stuffing evenly between the trotters, pushing it firmly up into the hoof cavity and gently reshaping. Wrap each trotter tightly in cling film and then a piece of aluminium foil. Steam for 20 minutes.
  9. To prepare the garnish:

    Gently warm the potato purée and mix in the milk, butter and chopped truffle.
  10. In a separate pan, warm the reserved braising liquor with the Madeira to make a thin sauce.
  11. To serve:

    Remove the trotters from the steamer, carefully snip open the foil and cling film, and gently ease the trotters out onto each serving plate. Use a curved pastry spatula or a large oval spoon to form quenelles of potato purée and top with shavings of truffle. Drizzle over the warm sauce and serve straightaway.
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