The River Cottage Fish Book

The River Cottage Fish Book

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Nick Fisher
137 recipes
Published by
Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
Simon Wheeler

More than just a cookbook, The River Cottage Fish Book promotes a total understanding of British fish, from their natural habitats to what sauce they go best with to how to respect their seasonality, in keeping with the River Cottage ethos. The first part is dedicated to understanding fish – Hugh and Nick explain the ins and outs of procuring a good fish, discussing fish farming, aquaculture, sustainability and harvesting issues, how to buy and catch fish in an ethical way, and how to prepare it for the kitchen. Next they open up a whole world of fish cooking – pickling, salting, barbecuing, frying, potting, stewing, smoking and more are explained in depth, each technique followed by classic recipes from gravadlax to kedgeree, from sashimi to chip shop battered cod. Finally, Hugh and Nick present Britain's best fish by species, giving portraits with notes on seasonality and ecology, as well as listing the relevant recipes from part 2 with alternatives. The River Cottage Fish Book is the only book on fish that the adventurous fish lover will ever need.

In this book

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding fish
  3. Fish cookery
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    2. Sushi rice
    3. Finger-shaped sushi
    4. Maki rolls
    5. Sushi mackerel
    6. Salmon tartare
    7. Carpaccio of bream
    8. Ceviche
    9. Gravad max
    10. Marinated salt bream with roast tomatoes
    11. Cider vinegar and orange rollmops
    12. Soused mackerel
    13. Sardine or mackerel escabeche
    14. Brandade
    15. Smoked pollack with poached egg
    16. Hot-smoked sea trout with morello cherries
    17. Warm smoked fish and sausage salad
    18. Omelette Arnold Bennett
    19. Smoked pollack soufflé
    20. Smoked roe
    21. Smoked roe and lemon on toast
    22. River Cottage tarama
    23. Hot-smoked mackerel pâté
    24. Drunken smollack rarebit
    25. Mackerel barbecued over bay
    26. Barbecued sardines
    27. Barbecued red mullet with fennel
    28. Trout newspaper parcels
    29. Oysters, mussels or cockles on the fire
    30. Barbecued scallops in their shells
    31. Nick’s limpets in garlic butter
    32. Seared squid
    33. Barbecued lobster with lime and chilli butter
    34. Whelks cooked in a tin of seawater
    35. Roasted whole plaice with cherry tomatoes
    36. Mackerel on potatoes and bay
    37. Whole fish baked in a foil parcel
    38. Mackerel baked with cider and apple
    39. Brill tranches with chanterelles
    40. Chinese fish parcels
    41. Whole bass or bream in saltdough crust
    42. Sea bass baked in raw salt
    43. Pot-roasted gurnard
    44. Stuffed conger
    45. Brill baked with leeks and potatoes
    46. Mussel, spinach and bacon gratin
    47. Devilled spider crab in the shell
    48. Hugh’s mum’s fish pie
    49. Seafood pancake gratin
    50. Crab bread and butter pudding
    51. Smoked pollack and spinach tart
    52. Crab tart
    53. Curried trout pasties
    54. Grilled devilled sprats
    55. Grilled lemon sole with lemons
    56. Fish stock
    57. Shellfish stock
    58. Nettle soup with smoked fish
    59. Fish (and chorizo) soup
    60. Cullen skink
    61. Smoked pollack and mussel chowder
    62. Kipper, potato and spinach soup
    63. Cockle or palourde chowder
    64. Crustacean soup
    65. Thai crab and fish soup
    66. Leek, celeriac and oyster broth
    67. Ad hoc fish curry
    68. Juan’s limpet stew
    69. Moules frites
    70. West country cider mussels
    71. Curried mussels
    72. Winkles in a court-bouillon
    73. Palourdes with chanterelles
    74. Razor clams with butter, garlic and parsley
    75. Whole fish poached in a court-bouillon
    76. Grey mullet braised with tomato and fennel
    77. Slow-braised cuttlefish or squid
    78. Braised squid stuffed with chorizo and rice
    79. Japanese slow-cooked mackerel
    80. Steam-braised ling with thyme and lemon
    81. Whole steam-baked brill
    82. Quick-fried mackerel fillets with garlic and bay
    83. Black bream with herbs
    84. Witch with lemon zest mash
    85. Sea trout fillet with sorrel sauce
    86. Sea trout with creamed spinach
    87. Fried bream fillets with pea purée
    88. Scallops with chorizo
    89. Red mullet, woodcock-style
    90. Mackerel stuffed with salsa verde
    91. Brill with celeriac and crispy pork belly
    92. Fried mackerel in oatmeal with bacon
    93. The FLT
    94. Fish tacos
    95. Garlic-sautéed Billy Winters
    96. Crumbed plaice fillets with tartare sauce
    97. Smoked mackerel fishcakes
    98. Spicy crab cakes with citrus salsa
    99. Whelk fritters
    100. Pike fishcakes with caper sauce
    101. Saltfish and parsnip rösti fishcakes
    102. Fried squid rings with garlic mayonnaise
    103. Fish in beer batter
    104. Deep-fried whole fish with citrus salsa
    105. Smoked pollack croquetas
    106. Deep-fried fish calzone
    107. River Cottage dressed crab
    108. Lobster with herb mayonnaise
    109. Cold fish with salsa verde mayonnaise
    110. Potted mackerel
    111. Kipper, orange and carrot salad
    112. Tuna, white bean and red onion salad
    113. Salade niçoise
    114. Rollmop, apple and potato salad
    115. Thai whelk salad
    116. Herring roes on toast
    117. Salmon frame soup
    118. Roast pollack head with thyme, bay and garlic
    119. Deep-fried fish skins
    120. Spaghetti with cockles
    121. Creamy cockles with tagliatelle
    122. Spaghetti with samphire and salmon
    123. Crab linguine
    124. Crab pasta salad
    125. Kipper carbonara
    126. Quickest-ever fish pasta supper
    127. Risoniotto
    128. Kedgeree
    129. Squid and tomato risotto
    130. Scallops with fennel risotto
    131. Anchovy and chilli dressing
    132. Puy lentil and mackerel salad
    133. Chloe’s sardine and onion omelette
    134. Fish frittata
    135. Fish bubble and squeak
    136. Fish-topped pizza bianca
    137. Bloody Mary sardines on toast
    138. The cold fish sandwich
  4. British fish

Recipes in The River Cottage Fish Book

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