Everlasting flowers

Everlasting flowers

The Birthday Cake Book
Laura Edwards

Do use crêpe paper in colours of your choice; each sheet should measure 20 x 50cm. These are the colours I used.


Quantity Ingredient
1 sheet dark pink crepe paper
green medium-thick florist’s wire
1 sheet pale pink crepe paper
sticky tape
green florist’s tape
1 sheet pale orange crepe paper
1 sheet dark yellow crepe paper
1 sheet pale yellow crepe paper
40g sugarpaste, (optional)
pinking shears, (optional)
or zigzag craft scissors, (optional)


  1. To make a pink rose: First of all take the darker pink paper and cut out four x 8 cm squares. Scrunch two up to make a tear drop shape, take a third square, place it over the fattest end of the tear drop and gather it at the base. Wrap the end of a length of wire firmly around the base. Fold the final square diagonally in half to make a triangle and fold the long side around the rest quite tightly; this is the central bud.
  2. Next cut out all the petals. When cutting out the petals, it is much easier to fold the paper over a few times, trace the template of a petal on to the top layer and cut through. I cut out two small petals in darker pink. Then, from the pale pink paper, I cut three small and seven large petals. Try to give the petals a bit of movement, either by running your finger from the base to the top, or curling the tips around a pencil or pen, so that they aren’t completely flat.
  3. Start with the two darker smaller petals and wrap around the bud, overlapping slightly. Tweak into position and secure firmly with sticky tape. Continue with the three small pale pink petals and then the seven larger, using sticky tape to secure at the base. Finally conceal all the sticky tape by wrapping florist’s tape around the base, as tightly as you can. I also made roses in orange.
  4. To make a carnation: Cut several long strips of yellow crêpe paper about 24 cm long and 4.5 cm wide. You will need four lengths of darker yellow and four of paler yellow for one carnation. Fold the strips into four, keeping them as one length. Using pinking shears, cut a frilly pattern along the top edge. If you don’t have these scissors simply cut a very fine zigzag along one length to form the frilly edge of the carnation. Wrap a dark yellow strip around to form the centre of the flower and secure with wire. Continue to wind around the other pieces of darker yellow, then the paler yellow pieces.
  5. Frill and tweak out the petals with your fingers. Place the sugarpaste, if using, in the central hole of the angel cake. Twist the wires of the flowers to make a bunch and insert into the centre of the cake. If you have made the cake in a springform cake tin, lay the flowers on top.
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