Lamingtons & lemon tart
a decent amount that can be smashed into smaller pieces once cool
Patricia Niven

Simple to make, this honeycomb is addictive. The recipe differs from some inferior incarnations – this actually contains honey. You’d be surprised how many don’t!

The recipe calls for checking the temperature with a digital thermometer but I reckon you can ditch that and cook it by eye after you’ve had practice in making it a few times. You’ll eventually be an expert and get the hang of it plus it’s hard to correctly get the temperature without overcooking the syrup or getting your hands really hot.

This honeycomb can be packaged as a gift or used by itself or for another recipe. It is amazing dipped in milk chocolate and you must give the Milk chocolate, popcorn and honeycomb rubble a go.


Quantity Ingredient
60g honey
110ml liquid glucose
300g caster sugar
15g bicarbonate of soda


  1. Place 50 ml water, the honey, glucose and sugar in an overlarge heavy-based saucepan. (I like to use a cast-iron pan for this, but you can use a sturdy stainless steel one instead.) Ensure the pan is much larger than the volume of the contents as the mixture will expand later on during cooking.
  2. Line the base and sides of a 20 x 20 x 8 cm square cake tin with baking paper. Liberally spray the paper with canola oil.
  3. Heat the honey mixture in the pan over medium heat, whisking constantly. Have the bicarbonate of soda at the ready.
  4. Cook the syrup until it starts to colour, around 155°C on a digital or sugar thermometer. Once the temperature has been reached, turn the heat off, remove any thermometers and mix the syrup using a hand whisk.
  5. Whisk the bicarbonate of soda in well – be careful, as the mixture will now expand furiously up to the top of the saucepan. This mixture is VERY HOT and will burn you badly if you touch it.
  6. Lift the pan carefully and pour the honeycomb into the prepared tin using the whisk to scoop the entire honeycomb out.
  7. Leave the honeycomb to cool for at least 2 hours before breaking it into irregular pieces.


  • Add hot water to the saucepan on the stove and boil to clean and remove any stuck-on honeycomb residue.
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