Ribs your heart out

Ribs your heart out

Have You Eaten
Billy Law

You may have noticed from some of the recipes in this book that I do have a soft spot for southern American food — Creole, soul food, Cajun, Tex Mex, you name it. The ribs are twice cooked, southern style: braised until the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender then grilled in the oven to get a nice caramelisation going. But be prepared for sticky fingers; this is caveman (caveperson!?) food at its carnal best.


Quantity Ingredient
2 racks american-style pork ribs
2 carrots, diced
1 celery stalk, diced
1 brown onion, diced
1 tablespoon fennel seeds
1 litre vegetable stock


Quantity Ingredient
125ml tomato sauce
125ml smoked barbecue sauce
3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
3 tablespoons bourbon whiskey
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon smoked paprika
3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
2 french shallots, finely chopped
1 tablespoon sugar
pinch salt


  1. Preheat the oven to 150°C. Put the ribs in a roasting tin with the carrots, celery, onion and fennel seeds. Pour the vegetable stock into the tin and add enough water until the ribs are fully covered. Place a piece of baking paper over the top of the ribs, transfer to the oven and braise for 4 hours. Remove the tin from the oven, set aside and let the ribs rest in the stock until completely cool. Take the ribs out and put them on a plate or tray, then cover and chill in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Reserve the stock for other use.
  2. Increase the oven to 220°C. Combine all the ingredients for the marinade in a bowl. Rub 250 ml of the marinade all over the ribs, then place them on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Place the tray on the top rack in the oven and grill (broil) the ribs for 30 minutes, or until nicely caramelised. While the ribs are cooking, regularly baste them on both sides with the leftover marinade. Once ready, let them rest on the tray for 10 minutes, brush with more marinade, then cut them up into single or double rib portions. Make sure to have plenty of paper towels for sticky fingers.
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